Why did I create the Gringo Guides? I created this site because I have seen many misconceptions about Spanish language and culture. Thus, this site was meant to educate viewers on these topics! I have a passion for traveling, learning new cultures and of course the Spanish language. While I spent years studying Spanish formally in school, I realized  that there are better and fun ways to learn Spanish language and culture!

yerba mate drinking
Buena suerte, amigos, or good luck my friends!

Traveling can help you learn languages, but it can also introduce you to new foods, sports and world class sporting areas (think Chicama, Peru for the longest left wave in the world!) I mention some of these advantages in posts such as snowboarding in the Hispanic world and Tortilla Tips. By learning about food and recreational areas, it’ll make your Spanish language and culture journey easier and more enjoyable. Well, that’s all for now and Espero que les guste mi sitio, I hope you guys enjoy my site!


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Disclaimer: Along with information about Spanish and Hispanic Cultures, I do provide the opportunity to buy products through affiliate links. These products have been carefully selected to give you the best value at the lowest price point with many offering money back guarantees. Have any Questions? Please reach out to me at dalton@thegringoguides.com!